How Many Eggs can 100 Layers Lay in a Day


If you are asking the question “How many eggs can 100 layers lay in a day”, congratulations. I am on a mission to help you get the perfect answer to your question and also exceed your expectations. Provided you will read everything on this short page to the very last word. Your own question may be how many eggs can 1000 layers lay in a day? Or even 2000, 5000, 1000 layers. Whatever it is, I’m not here to waste your time.

So you are either a soon-to-be poultry farmer, or already a poultry farmer and want to know if you are getting things right. I’ll help you.

Before jumping in to say, “hey Mr, you should expect 96 eggs from your 100 hens each day” I want to give you the perfect answer to save you some heartbreaks in the future.

What Breed are We Talking About?

Yeah. It’s a question of breed. What breed of layer chickens are you keeping? Or what breed of layers should you keep to get 96 eggs from 100 hens daily? If you are going to get that huge amount of eggs from your flock daily, you must have hens that have the potential to do so. For the records, the Isa Brown breed can deliver up to 6 eggs a week and about 312 eggs a year. So, at their peak production, you can get up to 96 eggs from 100 layers. And that is what the breed promises according to the book. Now, there will be days you will get less, and I’m going to show you why, as well as how to keep it as high as the maximum promised.

Feeding Layers to Increase Egg Production

If you are going to get 96% production from your hens, you must know what feed can get them to that climax. You need 3 things on your side if you want to be successful in layer farming. Genetics, Feed and The Environment. So, if you get the right feed for your hens, you have fixed one-third of the puzzle. Your layers feeding schedule or feeding chart is not all you need. You need to identify what feed provides the nutritional requirement of the hens in terms of crude protein, required metabolisable energy, and all the essential vitamins and minerals. If your feed provides them all they need, then you have fulfilled your part and they just have to do you well. But wait, there’s more. How about that environmental factor I mentioned earlier?

Providing the Comfort your Layers Need

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This is the part where most farmers fall short, but I want to believe you will not be like them. I tell you, people don’t mess up here because it’s too difficult, rather they fall short because it’s too simple. If you want to know how many eggs 100 layers will give in a day, I want to know how much of devotion you can give for your layers. Because that’s the secret, the more you care, the more your eggs. Layer farming can make you a millionaire like a lot of my clients, but you have a role to play. Let’s quickly take a look at some environmental factors to look out for in providing comfort for your layer chickens.


Your layer house must protect the hens from harsh weather like rainfall and high temperatures or direct sunlight. If your chicken house is not doing this, then you need to fix it. Sadly, some things cannot be fixed if the house is already sitting on your plot of land, and this is why it is important to involve a consultant when planning your poultry pen construction.

Predator or Disturbance

You want to make sure that your hens feel safe. Protect them from predators and any form of disturbance. This alone will give you at least 5% more eggs.

So, How Many Eggs can 100 Layers Lay in a Day

If you have got a breed that has the potential to lay up to 90-96% production a day, the rest is your hands.

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