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Is Organic Poultry Farming Worth it? 4 Deep FAQ Answered

organic poultry farming

You must have heard about Organic Poultry Farming. Maybe you are even wondering why everyone is adopting these age-long methods that have beginning to take root again. This might actually be helpful to you being a farmer who’s considering raising organic chickens or planning on going into organic chicken farming. Is this your first time of seeing this? You should definitely check it out here. There are a few factors you should check out before taking my word for it. Those factors would be helpful in ascertaining if organic poultry farming is worth it, and if you should consider it.

Talk about something very basic to living things – health. Everyone longs to be in good health and stay free of/ avoid diseases. One of the ways to live a healthy life is eating naturally raised chickens or rather organic poultry. So, Organic poultry farming might actually be worth your time, if you’re a fanatic of promoting healthy living.

Can I Raise Organic Chickens on Commercial Scale?

organic chicken farming

To be very honest, if you’re going into organic poultry farming, I will not advise you to start on a large scale. It’ll be ideal for you to start on a small scale and grow from there. The reason being that, one can get overwhelmed with just the thoughts of sourcing for herbs, however, don’t get me wrong. Because its worth all your time. You will find it less difficult when you begin with a few number of chickens, instead of having to go through the stress of sourcing for herbs in large quantity. But again, you can go commercial on organic chicken farming. It is possible!

Can I Grow all the Herbs that I Will Need for Organic Poultry Farming?

Believe me, 90% of the herbs you will need can be found around your surroundings. However, I’m not saying they are all already at your backyard or compound. What you need to do in case a few of them are not so close to you, is to ask around. You might actually be able to get some herbs through others if you probably reside in a farmers community like mine. However, I’d advise you to always purchase herbs that are not found close to you in large quantities.

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Do I Need a Pasture for Organic Poultry Farming?

Most people tend to ask me this question. Yes, of a truth, organic chickens need space for free range however, without a pasture you can have perfect naturally raised chickens. Naturally raised chickens cannot be referred to as or called “Organic chickens”. This alone has already settled the health aspect of doing organic poultry farming. As at now in Nigeria, there is an increasing rate of farmers breeding naturally raised chickens, most especially broiler chickens. What this means is that even with your deep litter and cages, it is very possible for you to have naturally raised chickens through the use of herbs and spices.

Can I get Organic Substitutes for all Drugs?

To this question my answer will be an emphatic YES! In fact, you can also get Natural Growth Promoters for your broilers. So much is in store for you to get when raising your chickens naturally. In addition to this, within eight weeks as discussed here you can also get them to reach a weight of over 3.5 KG.

So, what appears to be the new RIGHT in town is organic chicken farming. We absolutely deserve to eat right, if not for anything else.

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