How to Treat Cough in Broilers, Fast, Completely 2 days

how to treat cough in broilers

Let’s talk about how to treat cough in broilers. A lot of people have reached out to me asking how to treat cough in broiler chickens, and my answer has been the same. There is a reason why I have maintained a single remedy for the treatment of cough. Because it has always worked. As you may be feeling about your chickens too, many of these people become scared. Especially after losing some of the chickens to the cough. What’s even very interesting about my treatment pattern is that you start to see noticeable improvements from the second day. So if you are also looking for how to treat cough in your broiler chickens, I congratulate you.

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What people call cough is actually Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD). But you know, it’s allowed to call it cough as long as you will not be graded. If you were a student, then you better save the difference. CRD is a common disease of broiler. The second most common disease of broiler is coccidiosis which can also be arrested with common herbs.

How to Treat Cough in Broilers

It interferes with the normal breathing of infected birds and can be very fatal. It often comes with signs like chirping or labored breathing. There are also symptoms of cough.

Organic Treatment of CRD in Broilers

Ingredients: Ginger + Garlic extract + Cayenne pepper (dry)

  • Get 350 grams each of Ginger and Garlic
  • Blend in 500 ml of water
  • Administer 20 ml per liter to their drinking water, adding 2 tbsp of powdered cayenne pepper to every litter.
  • Dosage: 20 ml to a liter of water, Cayenne pepper 2 tbsp to a liter of water

If you don’t have powdered cayenne pepper, you can get equal amount of the three ingredients (fresh) and blend with water. Administer 20 ml per liter of water. This means that if you are giving your broiler chickens 20 liter of water, you will need 400 ml of the mixture.

Use this treatment throughout the day and continue the next day. You can use it for 5 days to completely relieve your birds from chronic respiratory disease of cough. This is how to treat cough in broiler chickens.

Synthetic Treatment of Cough in Chickens

Although I don’t do this, I still need to make it available to you so you have options. CRD can also be treated with synthetic drugs. One of the drugs used for this purpose is Tylodox. It has proven effective in the treatment of cough in broilers. However, this method is more expensive and is not the safest for humans.

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