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How to Make Broilers Grow Faster (3.5KG, 8Weeks)

how to make broilers grow faster
how to make broilers grow bigger

If you want to know how to make broilers grow faster, there are simple steps you must follow. These are the secrets that successful farmers often keep from their competitors. Count yourself lucky to be seeing this today.

A lot of people believe solely in the use of growth promoters or boosters, however, it goes beyond using boosters for your broilers. Before I talk about the use of external additives to promote growth, let’s consider the genetic make-up of the broiler chicken.

Genetic Make-up and how to make broilers grow faster

Regardless of the broiler strain you get, each has been optimized genetically to reach impressive market weights in the shortest time possible. As if this is not incredible enough, broilers can reach market weight within six weeks. Yes, they can reach over 2.5 KG in weigh within six weeks.

Do we need to make broilers grow faster?

Truly, I have mentioned that broilers are genetically engineered to convert feed to meat at a very fast rate. However, as a farmer, the faster the broiler grows, the better for you. So, it is not out of place for you as a farmer to want to speed up the growth rate of your broiler chickens. The question now is how do you make your broilers grow fast or even faster?

How to make broilers grow faster

A client chatted me up this morning explaining how my Broiler feed formula has helped her to get remarkable weights in 6 weeks. However, her new challenge was sales. Briefly, let me show you some of the things you can do to make your birds grow faster.

1. Create a favorable environment

I want you to think of this as inevitable for growth. Environmental factors such as food, water, and good ventilation have to be provided if you want to get the best result from your broiler chickens. And this has to be the first on your list if you are looking for how to make your broilers grow faster. This is because every other thing will work for you and your birds when you get this part right.

Trust me, doing the right thing always works like magic. Provide feed and water at the right time, and ensure good ventilation by avoiding overstocking and providing cross ventilation within the poultry house.

2. Carefully select you broiler feed

Feed covers over 70% of the total investment in broiler farming, so you want to get it right. If you are buying a commercial feed, please take your time to investigate and research to know the best one that you can buy. Quality feeds are usually more expensive but just as Apple product, you get what you pay for. But don’t just take my word for it, some company’s sell bad but expensive feeds.

If you have the nerves to go into feed formulation, then you should secure an excellent feed formula for both the starter and finisher phase. The one I am using will give you about 3.7 KG or more in eight weeks. You can GET IT here if you want but it is NOT free

3. Monitor your broiler weight per week

It is a pity that many farmers only worry about the weight of their broilers when they are already around six weeks of age. They worry about weight when they should already be think about sales. So, let me ask you, are you like this? No you shouldn’t wait that long. A good farmer should know what broiler weight per week should be, and how to get it. This will help you keep track of your success or failure.

You will also be able to take prompt action when you are not getting what you should. Because in poultry, prompt actions are greatly rewarded, and late actions often cost you so much. That is what I have learned as a professional in the industry.

4. Keep your broilers healthy to make them grow

The simple truth is, only healthy birds can grow fast, or faster as you will always want. So, you will have to take all the prophylaxis to ensure that your broiler chickens are kept healthy. Some of the ways to do so include timely feeding, giving the right vaccine and keeping close watch to quickly detect any sign of diseases.

5. How to make your broiler grow faster using NGP

Natural growth promoters (NGP’s) are great when you discover what they are and how to use them. Some of these growth promoters are spices that you are already familiar with. However, you need to know their inclusion rate in order to get the result you want. You can check out a list of organic growth promoters here

6. Adjust lighting to get the growth you want

This might be one of the best answers to your question of how to make broilers grow faster. Did you know that broilers can eat round the clock if allowed to? One way to ensure that they are able to eat at night is to provide a dim light, just enough to help them find their feed and water. You will be amazed by what you will get

7. Go Organic

Going organic does not only have health benefits but also weight benefits. Some of the natural ingredients you will be adding to your broiler diet (food and water) already have natural growth promoters. But again, you must know the right dosage of everything you are using. One way to do that is to get my eBook, YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO ORGANIC POULTRY FARMING (72-pages)

organic poultry farming eBook

As an Animal Scientist and practicing poultry farmer, I can assure you that your broiler chickens will grow bigger. But only if you follow the guide given.



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