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Chick Poem – Chicks and Giants

chicks and giants
chicks and the giant

The poem you are about to read centers on chicks and a farmer on an organic poultry farm. Enjoy!

Never get to meet mamma

Cruelty shown as love

Welcomed as they hatch

The artificial warmth, comforting

Ready trays with grains

And some antistress for a calm

“This could be a good life,” they chirped

Daily received love, undeserved

The feeling of a life already made

As little as they are

Big feet of Giants

Slowly marching without matching

Giants always bringing something good

Soon, they feel sick

And Giants became sad

This juice, that juice, they feel good again

Didn’t know which one made them well

But tasted like culinary🧄🧄 ingredients

Well, they didn’t care

“But we hardly get visited”

Just the same sweating giant

Lights at night to eat and drink

Giants killing rats and ants

Giants loading in the bags

Giants smiling as we grow

Giants calling DIYAGRIC for help,

“Are we that important?” they say

Everything comes easy

But wait, what’s “broilers for sale?”

If only they knew BBQ…

Are you a good giant to your chicks?



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