#1 Best Chicken Gas Brooder Ever Made

chicken gas brooder

You will be looking for the best chicken gas brooder if you want to provide warmth to your day old chicks. Especially when you want to combine convenience with efficiency. As a poultry farmer trying to make profit, you need a gas brooder that will deliver the required heat with the least gas consumption rate. Well, I bring you great news, because I have just discovered one of the best gas brooders you can get.

What Makes a Chicken Gas Brooder Good

  1. Heat Delivery: It is important to have a gas brooder that is able to generate enough heat to provide warmth for the intended number of chicks based on its capacity. For example, if the manufacturer says the capacity is 2000 birds, then it must be able to deliver enough heat for that. Regardless of the prevailing weather, your chicken gas brooder must not fall short of its specification.
  1. Infra-red: Having used a range of gas brooders, it is important to mention that infra-red gas brooders are usually more efficient. This is partly because the heat is sent straight down to the litter material.
  2. Gas consumption: The heat to gas ratio is also very important. The chicken gas brooder that produces so much heat with less gas consumed will always win here.
  3. Build Quality: The material used to design the brooder also matters. Chicken gas brooders are often subjected to serious tests of fire, and if not made of durable material, they will soon pack up.
  4. Ease of setup and use: It is important that gas brooders are simple and solid. Farmers with low technical skills should find it easy to install and use them on their farm.
  5. Convenience: One of the reasons for choosing a gas brooder over other heat sources is convenience, and chicken gas brooders offer varying levels of convenience. With gas brooder, you don’t have to worry about waking up in the night to refill the charcoal pot. Some chicken gas brooders even have the thermostat feature that allows the brooder to regulate itself once set

The Chicken Gas Brooder that Ticks All The Boxes

You must be wondering, “so which gas brooder ticks all the boxes?” Well, it’s the Damly Chicken Gas Brooder. Let’s talk about it’s unique features.

Capacity: The Damly Gas Brooder offers a 2500-3000 capacity. That is, the maximum chicks brooding capacity is 2500-3000. This doesn’t mean it can’t be used for fewer chicks. Personally, I have used it to brood as few as 150 chicks.

Thermostat: You know what we say about day-old chicks not being able to thermo-regulate. This brooder can actually regulate itself, thereby maintaining the set temperature. For example, if you set the gas brooder around 7pm and go to sleep. If by 11pm the atmospheric temperature becomes colder, the gas brooder will start to burn more to be able to maintain the set temperature.

Gas Consumption: I understand that gas consumption cannot be the same with two farmers because there will always be variation in prevailing weather, number of chicks, house design, etc. However, I can compare the performance of the Damly gas brooder with other I have used and I am proud to say that it saves gas better.

Price Point: This 3000 capacity brooder is quite affordable. It’s currently sold for N125,000 which is not up to 3 times the price of other brands’ 1000 capacity brooder like this. To get the Damly Gas Brooder, click here.


Overall, if you are looking for peace of mind and you want to have the best brooding experience, this is the way to go. Invest in a chicken gas brooder that will not only deliver but also exceed your expectations.


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