How to Use Papaya Seeds to Deworm Chickens Naturally

deworm chickens naturally

To have a flock of healthy chickens and maximize their growth with minimal cost, you must deworm chickens naturally. By deworming your chickens naturally, you will not only be helping your chickens, you will also be cutting your cost. I’m sure this is what every farmer desires. Being an organic poultry farming enthusiast myself, I know a number of natural dewormers for chickens but, I’ll be sharing only the best. Did you know you can deworm your chickens naturally by using papaya (pawpaw) seeds and its powder? If you are about to ask how do you deworm chickens naturally, don’t worry. I will be showing you how to do that so, stay with me. If are

Why Use Papaya Seeds for to Deworm Chickens

how do you deworm chickens naturally

Before I move forward. I know you might be wondering why I chose papaya seeds as a dewormer when there is a whole lot out there. Let me shed more light on this.

Our main aim is to get a natural agent that can effectively eradicate worms from chickens. Hence the use of pawpaw to deworm chickens naturaly. Personally, I find pawpaw seeds to stand out in efficacy. Parasites like Roundworms and Tapeworms have the ability of preventing your birds from growing and eating well and due to research, we have found that papaya seeds have a potent ability to eradicate such parasites. Within 2-3 days of using papaya seeds, you can clear all worms.

The fact that pawpaw seeds are an agricultural waste is one of the reasons for choosing pawpaw seeds. This implies that it will cost you almost nothing to get. Using my farm as a case study, I just have to approach the people slicing and selling pawpaw, and they always gave me with gladness. It’s a waste product to them, but something of great importance to me.

How to Know When to Use Papaya Seeds Powder

When your birds are infested with worms, they tend to portray some signs and symptoms. One major sign to look out for is slow growth and loss of appetite. It’s almost like the worms are taking the food as your bird eats. One major pointer is your Chicken poop color and form, it will reveal if they have worms and should be dewormed.

Also, you can deworm your chickens on a routine. Maybe once in a month, since there is no adverse effect of using papaya seeds for chickens.

How to Use Pawpaw to Deworm Chickens Naturally

The thought of being able to use papaya to deworm chickens naturally is just mind-blowing. You can now choose to give your chickens a healthy life by taking maximum advantage of every pawpaw tree close to you. If you’re extracting your papaya seeds, you will definitely find these steps to deworm your birds by natural means helpful.

  • Cut a pawpaw into two halves
  • Scoop out the seeds and wash to remove the yellows
  • Sun-dry the seeds until they are very dry
  • Blend into powder
  • It’s as simple as that

Dosage & Administration of Papaya Seeds

To deworm chickens naturally with pawpaw, you need to give 3 grams of the powder per kg live-weight of chicken. That is, if you have a chicken that is 3KG in weight, you need to administer 9 grams of the powder. You can do the Maths for as many chickens you have.

Papaya seeds powder (PSP) should be added to their feed for 2-3 days to deworm them naturally

Other benefits of This Deworming with Pawpaw Seeds

  • It is very affordable, it will cost you almost nothing to get.
  • You can administer in water or feed. Just choose what suits you.
  • Storage of papaya seeds powder (PSP) is pretty easy in because it is in powder form
  • It also acts as a treatment agent for coccidioides
  • There is a specific dosage per chicken which is 3 grams per KG live weight of bird.

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Parasites like intestinal worms tend to stand in competition with your birds for the vitamins/nutrients in their body, therefore they should be gotten rid of by any means possible. Don’t forget that deworming your chickens will help them birds attain maximum market weight when the appropriate timing is due. The use of papaya seeds powder has been proven to be highly effective and helpful in destroying worms. What’s stopping you from trying it out today?

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