Master Turkey Manual: Raising Turkeys From Day Old to Maturity

turkey manual

We know that raising turkey from a day old is not the same as raising chickens. And if you don’t know yet, then you should thank God that you didn’t have to learn it the hard way. Those who have tried and failed can tell you that Poults (young turkeys) can be likened to stupid birds on a suicide mission. But I tell you that the reason they came to that conclusion is because they handled turkeys like they would handle day-old chicks.

Well, this book is the difference. Follow me and let me show you how to succeed at raising day-old turkeys. And not just that. I will also walk you through the entire process and show you everything that makes the turkey special, and how to maximize their potential on your own farm, regardless of what others are saying or achieving.

If you didn’t know the secrets about turkey feeding, mating, and their special body parts, this is where it’s all hidden. This book unlocks my years on experience in this field and hands over the key to you so you can unlock all turkey secrets now!


Turkey manual


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